About me

Katharina Kössler

I´m Austrian, living in Mallorca since 2014.
My attraction to natural healing methods and “listening with my hands” started quite early. During the last years I was allowed to learn different methods like Reiki, ontological kinesiology, cranial sacral bodywork, quantum entrainment as well as foot reflexology. My experience has shown the effectiveness of these methods and their positive impact on the clients body and mind.

The transformation of blockages leads to a new energetic balance. Frequently I am able to witness results of a sense of well-being, the recurrent joy of life and lightheartedness.

When needed, sessions are also possible in German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Catalan.


2017: Training in Foot Reflexology, at center for naturaling healing methods “Estena” in Palma de Mallorca

2013-2014: Co-trainer at Mentas Akademie, Linz, Austria
2012: Training in ontological Kinesiology at Mentas Akademie and ARGE Kinesiologie, Vienna
2012: Advanced Training in craniosacral bodywork for babies and infants, Vienna
2011: Training in craniosacral bodywork at Mentas Akademie and ARGE Kinesiologie, Vienna
2010-2011: Opening Human Potential – Practitioner for profound energetical body- and consciousness-work, quantum energy work at the Mentas Akademie, Vienna
2009-2012: Master in „organic farming“ at the University of Life Sciences in Vienna
2005-2009: Bachelor in Environment and Bio-Resource Management, Vienna
2002-2004: Apprenticeship as European Assistant at the Europe Academy Dialogica, Vienna


Inner dialogue: http://innerdialogue.org/
Mentas Akademie: www.mentos.cc
BALEAR.ME. Accomodations for seminars or vacations: www.balear.me
Shiatsu, Manuela Buchbauer: www.sonnen-geflecht.at
Baby Forum: www.babyforum.at
ARGE Kinesiologie: www.kinesiologie.cc
Monika Schoisl: www.kinesiologie-lebenskraft.at

Katharina Kössler 2011. Fotos by Daniel Nuderscher