About me

Katharina Kössler

Since my training in ontological kinesiology, cranial sacral bodywork and quantum entrainment as well as foot reflexology I am convinced of the effectiveness of these methods and their profound positiv impact, which is often directly visible.

The inclusion of the body into the search of the origin of a symptom enables an access to our subconscious and promotes deep development and change. The transformation of blockages leads to a new energetic balance. Frequently I am able to witness results of a sense of well-being, the recurrent joy of life and lightheartedness.

When needed, sessions are also possible in German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Catalan.


2016-2017: Training in Foot Reflexology, at center for naturaling healing methods “Estena” in Palma de Mallorca

2013-2014: Co-trainer at Mentas Akademie, Linz, Austria
2012: Training in ontological Kinesiology at Mentas Akademie and ARGE Kinesiologie, Vienna
2012: Advanced Training in craniosacral bodywork for babies and infants, Vienna
2011: Training in craniosacral bodywork at Mentas Akademie and ARGE Kinesiologie, Vienna
2010-2011: Opening Human Potential – Practitioner for profound energetical body- and consciousness-work, quantum energy work at the Mentas Akademie, Vienna
2009-2012: Master in „organic farming“ at the University of Life Sciences in Vienna
2005-2009: Bachelor in Environment and Bio-Resource Management, Vienna
2002-2004: Apprenticeship as European Assistant at the Europe Academy Dialogica, Vienna


Inner dialogue: http://innerdialogue.org/
Mentas Akademie: www.mentos.cc
BALEAR.ME. Accomodations for seminars or vacations: www.balear.me
Shiatsu, Manuela Buchbauer: www.sonnen-geflecht.at
Baby Forum: www.babyforum.at
ARGE Kinesiologie: www.kinesiologie.cc
Monika Schoisl: www.kinesiologie-lebenskraft.at

Katharina Kössler 2011. Fotos by Daniel Nuderscher