Seny [ˈseɲ]

Seny [ˈsɛɲ] is pronounced as “senj”. Coming from the Latin term “sensus”, it is an ancestral Catalan expression for wisdom, prudence,a well-pondered perception of situations, level-headedness, awareness, integrity and moral action. The opposite of seny is known as rauxa (pronounced: [ˈrawʃə]) “foolish recklessness”.


Why did I choose this term for my homepage?

Seny [ˈsɛɲ] expresses for me the state in which change and development processes are possible. This happens if we are centered, aware of our body and listening to ourselves from the inside. At the same time it is a part of the duality of life that we are not always in this kind of state. We need movement, the uncontrollable spontaneity and recklessness, which is expressed by rauxa [ˈrawʃə].
The catalan “seny i rauxa” are expressions for our duality and represent, as the ying and yang, the fundamental polarity of the whole universe.


_______________________Under heaven all can see beauty
___________________as beauty only because there is ugliness.
_________________________All can know good as good
_________________________only because there is evil.
_________________Therefore having and not having arise together.
___________________Difficult and easy complement each other.
______________________Long and short contrast each other.
_______________________High and low rest upon each other.
_____________________Voice and sound harmonize each other.
_______________________Front and back follow one another.

Katharina Kössler 2011. Fotos by Daniel Nuderscher