Expectant mothers, babies & infants

Areas of application for babies and infants:

  • colicky babies (sleeping problems, stomach cramps)
  • restlessness, fussiness
  • asymmetrical skull forms, wry neck
  • digestion problems/gas
  • pre-term delivery, after C-section and traumatic birth experiences
  • developmental delays
  • conflicts with mother/ father
  • increased attachment


Areas of application during and after pregnancy:

  • preparing for childbirth
  • backaches
  • support on the emotional and the organic level
  • processing the experience of childbirth
  • tension


Craniosacral bodywork with babies and infants happens on a non-verbal level. Through gentle contact with the body, a space of wellness and tranquility is created in which self-healing, regeneration, relaxation and development are facilitated.


What a typical session may look like:

Each session varies as babies or infants rarely remain in a lying position for a longer period of time. The child may stay in the arms of the mother or father, may drink or move, while I´m with in contact with his or her body with my hands to feel the craniosacral rhythm.


Duration of the individual session:

Adults approx. 1 to 1 ½ hours
Babies and children approx. 30-45 minutes


Every session takes place fully dressed, in a lying, standing or sitting position.


Ontological kinesiology and craniosacral bodywork are not forms of treatment, but ways to support the healthy potential of a person. The techniques used in these methods are not focused on therapeutic intervention and no medical diagnoses are made. Thus, they do not substitute conventional medical or psychological treatments, but they can be an ideal complement.

Katharina Kössler 2011. Fotos by Daniel Nuderscher