Quantum energy work

2-point method

With the help of this method old realities can be transformed. Through pure consciousness, profound change can happen without having to uncover the origin of the topics or problems. The significance of this method is to conjoin two points on the body, respectively the energy field of the person. If needed, this method is integrated in the sessions.
Through the contact with pure consciousness – an energy field in which anything at anytime is possible – our structures, beliefs, old patterns, physical conditions etc. can reorganize themselves and lead to health and well being.“With quantum energy work the main issue is to become aware of pure consciousness. In reality, healing is a side effect of awareness” (F. Kinslow). “Healing happens on its own, it is only activated” (R. Takahashi).
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When we are talking about consciousness we usually mean our intelligence. But it involves more than an understanding. Comprehension takes place in the mind. „Pure consciousness is beyond the intellect. It is a state of emptiness of mind – absolute quietness. Without thoughts, without a sense of time, simply BEING. Consciousness does not exist in the past, or in the future. Consciousness exists only in the Here and Now“ (R. Takahashi). “Pure consciousness is not simply a single vibration, but the source of all vibration. It is the potential order behind each shape” (F. Kinslow). “ Consciousness is not selective. It is the absolute space in which everything is happening” (K. Renz).
In quantum physics it is assumed that the whole universe is filled by a physical substance: emptiness. If so, what then, is matter? The most common answer would be: “Matter is solid and is made out of atoms”. But atoms have an atomic nucleus, which is orbited by electrons. The atomic nucleus consists of neutrons and protons, which are composed of quarks. There are estimates that quarks consist again of pre-quarks. But what is located between the boundary of an atom and it’s atomic nucleus? In between the two, there exists empty space, which makes up the major part of the whole. According to this, matter is predominantly empty space.

The deeper one probes into matter, the more of a vacuum is to be found. But why are we seeing firm objects? This is where quantum energy comes into play. The emptiness interacts with the matter, creating a huge energy field. Quantum physics speaks here of the “zero-point field” or the “vacuum state” or simply of “the field”. The biologist Robert Sheldrake calls it the morphogenetic field. Einstein said: “The field is our only reality”. “If this is true, then the emptiness is a real physical substance – energy – which penetrates our universe. Hence quantum energy penetrates everything we see, every object, every living being, every object of matter. If this quantum energy binds everything with each other then we can also use this energy. Through this energy one can have an impact on things and people, and through this we can activate healing. Basically everything is quantum energy – emotions, thoughts, matter. Everyone has access to this energy” (R. Takahashi). „With quantum energy work the main issue is to become aware of pure consciousness. In reality, healing is a side effect of awareness“ (F.Kinslow). Healing happens on its own, it is only activated“ (R. Takahashi)

What are quantums? This concept is attributed to Max Planck, who in the end of the 19 century, recognized that there are no continuous transitions from one state to another. Atoms, electrons or photons such as light-particles only appear as packages with a certain amount of energy. Planck called them quantums. Quantum physics deals with the behavior and the reciprocation of these smallest particles. A meaningful differentiation between particles and waves becomes impossible, because the same object appears either as particle or as wave, depending on the observation or the examination. This is called wave-particle duality.

Quantum physics presupposes that objects do not exist before they are observed and do not exist as we are seing them. Therefore observation has an influence on the existence of certain systems. „Nothing happens until something moves“ (A.Einstein).

More about the 2-point method...

Today the 2-point method is found under many terms: quantum work, quantum healing, matrix energetics, quantum entrainment etc. All of these terms work relate to the same principle: the synchronization or connection of two points. In doing so, the transformation of energy blockages is initiated through a connection to a level of pure consciousness. This method is not new, but was rediscovered—i.e. it has been used for centuries under the name KAHI by Hawaiian shamans, called Kahunas. KAHI means “oneness” and is described as a “magic touch”.

This method has become popular by Dr. Richard Bartlett and Dr. Frank Kinslow. Both were originally chiropractors in the USA and came in contact with the 2-point method independently from one another in their work. On the basis of their treatment success they started to teach the method however differently, each one in their own way. My trainers Markus Blocher und Henrike Blocher-Bergmann learned their method from Kinslow and integrated it in the ontological kinesiology.

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